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Castle Stones are exclusive and made by hand. They are pressed from marble powders and cement in innovative ways. The stones are based on marble and cement, and are compressed to between 6 and 8 mm. They are thin and slightly flexible stones that have a very high abrasion resistance. Due to their light weight, they are easily manageable and they can be processed to very large sizes. The material can be applied to floors and walls, they are suitable for floor heating-systems and can also be installed in bathrooms. They are easy in maintenance and the color is through and through. Because the stones are made by hand and colored, each floor is unique. Castle Stones are available in different colors and each color consists of 3 color nuances. The available models are Loft, which are large sizes and hand hammered; Bricks, which are Old-Dutch bricks (“waaltjes”) and Dalle, which is Burgundian engraved stone.

The manufacturer is inspired by Renaissance era and earlier architecture. They develop cement-based structures with a natural look and feel in all sorts and shapes. The method of manufacture is through collaboration. Working with the client on new structures and designs, production is started once colour and structure are approved.

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