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ThermHex PP Honeycomb


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ThermHex PP Honeycomb Core are high-quality, durable and economic PP honeycomb cores produced by a new, automated and continuous process by thermoforming, folding and in-line lamination of nonwoven PET layers and barrier films onto a core.

The honeycomb cores are offered in thicknesses from 3 mm to 28 mm, a cell wall density of 40-120 kg/m³ and a compressive strength of 0.3 MPa to 3 MPA. A thin PP cover film minimises the quantity of resin needed for the production of sandwich panels, which means a considerable reduction of weight and costs. The non-woven PET that is applied to the core’s surface as standard allows for a good bonding of the skin material with the different standard adhesive systems. Its resistance to moisture is a further advantage.

Whether for the manufacture of panels used in trailer bodies, marine panels or modern swimming baths, ThermHex polypropylene honeycomb cores are a versatile choice. Due to a continuous production process, the manufacturer offers any sheet length requested, within the limits of logistical handling.

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