Graphical Facade Coating


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Graphical Facade Coating is a technique intended to realise design ideas for applications in art and architecture. The methods used allow for a variety of design and coatings applied on various materials and surfaces. This includes both interiors and exteriors. The base coat and façade paint are applied with conventional facade paint rollers. Afterwards the graphic design is sprayed, using a particular spraying method, onto the surface.

The coating is applied to a synthetic resin plaster with 2mm graining. It is then coated twice with the desired façade colour. After this, stencil paper is pasted on to the material and the colour is filled in by spraying. The design can be coloured to be weather resistant, UV-resistant, scratch resistant, glossy or matte. Other characteristics like structure, texture or hardness depend on the surface of the base material. Many different colours, textures and finishes are possible.

The technique can be used to design and coat a variety of materials and surfaces, such as concrete, plaster and drywall.

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