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Primitive Sustainable Silk Hand Dyed with Natural Plants
Inspired by artisanal craftsmanship, Global Green brings to the market Casulo Feliz primitive silk. An amazing naturally hand dyed silk made with cocoons rejected by large silk industries, transforming them into precious treasures for interior and fashion designs.

Casulo Feliz was born by the idea of recycling, commitment to the environment, and social responsibility. Global Green works closely with the local community, entrepreneurs, and small farmers to develop processes that allow a healthy balance with the environment without generating CO2 emissions. The use of our fabrics and yarns have a negative carbon footprint calculation, making it a great ally for large companies aiming to offset their carbon pollution.

The cultivation of mulberry trees and the rearing of silkworms are naturally organic processes. Due to the silkworm’s extreme sensitivity, any chemicals used in the process result in the premature death of the larvae. The water used in both boiler and dyeing process goes through a water treatment station, making it completely purified and drinkable. Textile fibers and packaging are recycled at every stage of production, making the recycling process more efficient and resulting in minimal waste at the end.

Dyeing process
The entire colouring and dyeing process is carried out using natural plants, without the use of heavy chemicals. In combination with Brazil’s rich biodiversity and the development of special techniques for botanical pigmentation, Global Green has managed to create 30 different colours. The process is alchemical, utilizing only water, heat, salt, and vinegar (acetic acid). The dyeing process is simple and artisanal, resulting in unique nuances of colour and transforming the product, satisfying customers who seek the exclusivity of natural materials. The most used dyes for our silk include: pine, eucalyptus, onion, mango, coffee, spinach, herbal teas, tanins, blackberry, pine, nut husks and seeds.

Fashion, furniture, curtains, wallcovers, carpets, handmade art (with the silk yarns)

Sizing will vary according to every article. From 50cm to 140cm width.

Material Properties