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Created from upcycled leftover apple waste from the Danish juice and cider industry, Leap was designed with circularity in mind. Today, it has evolved into a next-gen material. Leap is a waste-based alternative to leather, with a >85% bio-based composition sourced and made in Denmark.

Its composition is based on a 3-layered structure consisting of a natural textile backing, an apple waste blend, and a water-based, partially bio-based, PU coating for its ultimate durability. The current goal is to evolve Leap into a fully natural material in the near future.

Leap offers premium performance, can be easily customized and is suitable for a wide array of product applications ranging from small leather goods to the automotive industry.

According to our internal calculations, the production of Leap emits 85% less CO2 and requires 99% less water than traditional leather production that soon will be supported with a complete lifecycle analysis.

Updated on 6-12-2023

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