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- story by MaterialDistrict

Leap is the sustainable leather alternative created by upcycling the leftover apple waste of the juice and cider industry. It is an animal-free material that doesn’t require harmful chemicals or complex tanning processes, and therefore can be produced in just one day.

According to the company’s internal calculations, the production of Leap emits 80% less CO2 and requires 99% less water than traditional leather production that soon will be supported with a complete lifecycle analysis. Today, Leap has an 80% bio-based composition and a three-layered structure to enable the separation of its different components at the end of life. A completely plastic and petrochemical-free apple waste blend forms the core of the material. It is backed with Tencel™ and coated with a partly bio-based polyurethane coating that makes Leap waterproof. Beyond Leather’s goal is to replace the coating with a completely bio-based alternative by 2024.

Soon, you will be able to find Leap in different leather applications starting with fashion accessories.

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