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Constantly using raw materials to make new products is out of date. We need to use available materials smarter and save on our fossil resources. With this in mind, Holland Composites developed the fire-resistant, lightweight and CO2-saving bio-composite Duplicor®.

Duplicor® is a fully bio-based composite (building) material. Manufactured from a 100% natural resin, virtually non-flammable, lightweight, CO2-saving and also affordable. With Duplicor®, the full potential of composite can finally be exploited in the construction world. In short: innovative in all its facets.

Save weight, build circularly and recycle
Duplicor® bio-composite is made from bio-waste and in a sandwich construction with old PET bottles, which is used as insulating core material. So, Holland Composites makes a new building material that is not only light, but also easily recyclable.

Lightweight and good for the environment
Duplicor® is long-lasting and reusable. It also requires minimal transport and lifting due to its light weight. Moreover, at the end of a building’s life, much less weight needs to be dismantled and removed. In short: good for the environment and affordable.

Duplicor® facts at a glance:

BioBased resin
Duplicor® resin is manufactured from agro-waste, which makes it 100% bio-based.

Up to 4 times lighter than aluminium structures and up to 15 times lighter than concrete.

Fire safety
Absolutely unique: Duplicor® is the first composite without a fire retardant in the highest Euro fire class B S1 D0.

Core of recycled foam
Foam cores made from recycled PET bottles, old plastic packaging, bio-based cork or recycled cardboard. Sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Duplicor® is cheaper than current composite materials available in the construction industry.

Duplicor® is a technically and economically superior product, made with minimum material and environmental impact. It is a lightweight CO2-saving bio-composite with outstanding temperature resistance and fire resistance. Built from a bio-resin – extracted from agro-waste – and combined with fibre laminates, Duplicor® can form products for all kinds of building applications. Virtually all shapes and applications are possible.

Countless possibilities
Duplicor® is a composite with unique mechanical and thermal properties. It offers enormous potential for creative freedom in the use of building materials. The possibilities are endless. From facades and façade elements to full-fledged roof structures. From floors and interior (parts) to offshore solutions and much more.

  • Pre-preg rolls
  • Sheets
  • Profiles
  • Simple sandwich panels (for instance renovation panels)
  • Shaped single roofs / facade edges
  • More complex and thicker structural facade elements
  • Total system (fully integral facade element)

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