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Pirarucu: Left over from the Food Industry turned into a Luxury Material
Pirarucu, known as the “Amazon Giant”, is a freshwater fish native to the Brazilian Amazon. Thousands of families in the region have survival linked to their capture and conservation.

The use of its skin to produce leather in a sustainable way contributes to the preservation of the species and the increase of the income of indigenous and riverside community, guaranteeing a better quality of life for their families and local communities.

Acknowledged as a true pioneer in the field of organic, metal-free tanning, the tannery, Nova Kaeru, skillfully combines a refined aesthetic taste with the utmost respect for the surrounding ecosystem and environment. At Nova Kaeru, all fish skins are processed from food industry waste and regulated by the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA), by tracking products from suppliers that maintain sanitary standards international and welfare practices, helping to protect fishers / breeders, families, and nature.

Preserving the Pirarucu Fish, Preserving the Amazon, Fighting for Life
In the Amazon, after over more than 20 years of hard work with partners and environmental preservation institutes, Nova Kaeru has managed to reverse pirarucu predatory fishing and transform an endangered species into a fish with a large and wild free population and guaranteed reproduction.

As a result of this internationally recognized work, today the pirarucu is fished following the strictest sustainable fishing standards practices required by IBAMA and international bodies such as CITES. This work has ensured an increase of over 425% of fish availability in the Amazon.

By creating an important income for the local community, this sustainable management program helps not only to protect the species, but also the Amazon Forest, because it keeps locals away from deforestation and illegal mining in the region. Pirarucu is life, is environmental preservation, is zero deforestation.

Characteristics, Caring And Conservation
From the tanning that uses zero heavy chemicals, environmentally safe – based on a blend of biodegradable acrylic resins, polymers, glutaraldehyde, synthetic & vegetable tannins – to the natural dyeing in aniline: the water that runs out of the tannery after treatment goes straight to irrigation.

Organic Leather / Durability: Nova Kaeru works exclusively with organic processing and bio leathers. In a comparison with leathers processed in the traditional method, which have heavy metals in their formulation, the durability is similar, and the essential difference is that at the end of its life cycle, being biodegradable, Nova Kaeru leathers will reintegrate with nature in a much higher speed than traditional hides and without any contamination of heavy metals.


  • Fashion, footwear, bags, accessories
  • Packaging
  • Interior design, home decor, wallcovering, furniture
  • Creative design

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