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These blankets are made of ceramic fibers (mostly Al2O3 and SiO2), which are air laid into a continuous mat and are then mechanically needled for added strength and surface integrity.

Featuring a very low thermal conductivity, these ceramic blankets have excellent thermal shock resistance, a low heat storage capacity and are inorganic – so smoke free. The combination of long spun fibres and the needling operation produce tough, resilient and strong blankets, which resist tearing both before and after heating. Cerablanket also has good sound absorption.

Typical applications include furnace and kiln linings, boiler insulations, in heat treatment temperature control, glass furnace crown insulation, furnace door seals, duct linings, pipe insulations, as thermal barriers for automotive industry and as insulation for field stress relieving of welds.

Ceramic blankets are also applied in nuclear insulation applications and steam and gas turbines insulation.

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