WDS Ultra


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When we think of insulation we normally think about protection against the cold, but sometimes we need to be protected against the heat too.

WDS Ultra is a microporous insulation material with an extremely low coefficient of thermal conductivity, with very good insulating properties. WDS Ultra consists of inorganic silicates. The main component is fumed silica, the others are opacifiers for minimizing infrared radiation. Tried and tested applications for WDS Ultra include insulation for heat-treatment furnaces in the aluminum industry, or back-up insulation in the industrial furnace industry.

WDS Ultra is not flammable and meets  requirements according to DIN EN 13501-1 for fire protection class A1. Its composition is as follows: Silicon dioxide SiO2 approx. 80%, Silicon carbide SiC approx. 15%, Others approx. 5%.

It is available in sizes of 500mm x 650 mm, 1000mm x 650 mm and 1320 mm x 1000 mm in various thicknesses.

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