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New: the brick with a past. With this slogan, Wienerberger, in close collaboration with New Horizon, is launching the circular facade brick CicloBrick on the market. For the sustainable production of the CicloBrick, the renewable raw material clay is used in combination with ceramic residual material, which is ‘harvested’ by New Horizon from donor buildings to be demolished. This special method contributes to the reduction of ceramic demolition waste and the prevention of waste.

Façade bricks with donor material
The CicloBrick is sustainable and circular in several respects. New Horizon uses sustainably sourced Dutch river clay as the basic raw material. This is a renewable resource, infinitely and locally available. In addition to this clay, New Horizon processes 20 percent ceramic donor material in the CicloBrick facing bricks. While retaining all functional and aesthetic properties, even with large production volumes.

With CicloBrick New Horizon helps to reduce ceramic demolition waste in the Netherlands, avoids waste and offers an accessible solution that meets the circular construction need.

CicloBrick is available in moulded form, Waal format and in 3 colours: red, orange and bronze.

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