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- story by Studio Wae


The exceptional modular carpets with geometric designs are made with production failures of the 3 biggest carpettile producers of The Netherlands. Interface, Tarkett (Desso) and Forbo. Studio Wae has collaboration contracts with these sustainable frontrunners to expand the lifecycle of this waste. The designs are inspired on M.C. Esher. You can create your own colour, shape and size which makes every carpet unique as it always fits in the space. Due to the unique click system, the loose tiles click together, so you can go crazy on your creation.

“Create your own Wae”

Social impact
Studio Wae’s mission is to employ as many Syrian residence permit holders so they have a solid base to build a new future in the Netherlands. The complete production is done in Utrecht.

Design carpets and flooring with Co2 impact
The circular flooring solutions of Studio Wae are composed with 100% production waste. This means no new resources are needed for the products which is great for your CO2 footprint and our Climate! But mostly it looks amazing.

Circular carpets in Different designs
Due to their collaboration with 2 different carpet tile manufacturers, Studio Wae made for each brand a signature design. The Cityscapes, Polygon and Beo are the designs where all brands can collide together.

Modular carpet tiles
For bigger surfaces Studio Wae produces modular carpet tiles and modular. These tiles are made of manufacture errors or overstock. To close the waste loop for their clients, Studio Wae can also create a new look and feel with used tiles combined with their own stock material.

Wall tiles
Are you looking for a multifunctional modular awesome acoustic wall solution? Create your own shape, size and colour at Studio Wae. The designs are the same as the carpets, but made from acoustic waste material with more open lines that absorb sound. You can use it as a pinboard or just enjoy the design in silence.

Architects and office decorators can indicate their colour palette or choose the colours from Studio Wae’s big physical stock. Then the product will be produced by them. The studio work in close collaboration with their dealers, so they can also provide you the perfect fit carpet proposal.

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