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- story by MaterialDistrict

ClimaLife are concrete roof tiles that clean the air. Harmful particles such as nitrogen dioxide (NOx), in the form of exhaust fumes and particulate matter, have a negative effect on the air quality, but can be cleaned from the air by the tiles.

The active ingredient in the tiles is photocatalytic titanium dioxide (TiO2). Using UV-light, surfaces coated in this material neutralise harmful particles such as NOx and particulate matter by turning them into non-toxic substances like nitrate. According to research in Japan and Italy, 100 m2 of surface with titanium dioxide has the same air cleaning effect as 6 adult broad-leaved trees!

In addition, the tiles are self-cleaning. The surface is very hydrophobic and antibacterial. Moss and algae do not get a chance to grow, as the titanium dioxide turns electrolytic. The remaining dirt is washed away by rain.

The production of the tiles uses little energy, and the cement absorbs CO2 from the air. After use, the roof tiles can be recycled completely.

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