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OVDesigns offers a wide range of biobased high-performance polymer resins, which vary between biodegradable, compostable and non-degradable. OVDesigns offers materials for extrusion, injection moulding and rotation moulding.

The Coffee Polymer portfolio is an innovative material that uses 30% coffee grounds.

Espresso polymer
OVDesigns has specially developed Espresso Polymer which is highly suitable for products that are intended to have a long lifespan, such as chairs, trays and coffee machine parts. Do you want to replace the product for something else? The material is fully recyclable and an industrial compostable. You can let your product be recycled to a new product or let it be degraded by industrial composting.

The Espresso polymer is a blend of coffee grounds and sugar canes. This carefully developed blend results in a very stiff material that can be processed in wall thicknesses from 1 to 10 millimetres.

The material can be processed by every injection moulding, rotation moulding or extrusion company. Since the material can be used in existing machinery, no extra investment is needed to buy new machinery. As the investment will be equal to the investments done by using standard polymers like ABS, PE, PS or PP.

Cappuccino polymer
OVDesigns wanted to develop a polymer that was biodegradable but could also last a substantial amount of time. Therefore, OVDesigns developed the Cappuccino Polymer. This polymer can be used in the production of products like the packaging of cosmetics or cotton swabs. Normally these products are thrown away after use, which contributes to the growing amounts of plastics that end up in nature. When these products are made from the Cappuccino Polymer, they will degrade in nature in several months.

The Cappuccino Polymer is a blend of coffee grounds and corn starch. This carefully developed blend results in a degradable material that will last many years indoors but will degrade as soon as it is disposed in nature. The product can also be separated from other plastics, which means that the Cappuccino Polymer can even be recycled.

Americano polymer
The Americano Polymer is specially developed for single use products. Products like these are planters and golf tees, for example. The Americano Polymer allows these products to degrade in approximately two months and gas nutritional value for the soil in which it degrades. Disposable planters don’t need to be removed anymore as they can be put in the ground and will offer nutrition for the plants.

The Americano Polymer is a blend of coffee grounds and potato starch. This carefully developed blend results in a degradable material that will last only a few months. When kept dry, the material will last for several years. This makes the material highly suitable to be used as protection during shipment and storage, but weak enough to degrade when the packaging is no longer needed.

The Americano Polymer can be used in injection moulding processes. The product can be used in a variety of products with wall thicknesses ranging from 0.7 to 10 millimetres.

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