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Coffee polymer


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Coffee polymer is a material consisting of 30% coffee grounds and 70 other biobased raw materials. There are three versions available.

The Espresso Polymer is a specially developed biobased material. This means that this plastic is fully made out of a natural raw material. No oil is used in the Espresso Polymer. Because this material is only biodegradable in a controlled environment (kitchen and garden waste), it is perfect for long-term products, like chairs and trays. The goal, is to make this material also dishwasher proof.

The Cappuccino Polymer is not only a specially developed biobased material, it is also fully biodegradable in natural circumstances in about one year. As long as you store the material dry circumstances, you can use it for years. However, once the material ends up in nature, it will start to biodegrade. Therefore, this material is perfect for products that frequently end up in nature.

The Americano Polymer is, like the Cappuccino Polymer, fully biobased and biodegradable. This material is developed for single-use products. In about two months the material will biodegrade. The degraded material will function as a nutrient for the soil. As long the material is kept in dry circumstances, it will be usable for a few years.

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