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Wool felt is very popular and used widely for interior and fashion applications in particular. Feltmen offers felt in very special, custom made colours.

Wool felt is a pure, durable and naturally authentic material. It is fire retardant, humidity regulating, and air cleansing. On top of that, it has fabulous acoustic properties. Plus, you can enjoy the look and feel of wool felt for decades. Wool felt reduces echo and volume of sound in a space. It can be used in several sound absorbing ways: wall panel, separation panel, area rug, lamp, seating cushion, etc.

Produced by Dutch company Feltmen, coloured felt is available is smaller or larger quantities and it can be used for custom made wool felt products such as area rugs, wall finishings, furnishings and also in fashion.

It is available in a thickness of 3 mm and width of 180 cm as well as a thickness of 5 mm and 150 cm wide.

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