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Xyhlo biofinish is a durable and 100% environmentally friendly method for protecting wood, especially in outdoor applications. The Xyhlo biofinish is created as an organic protective layer on the timber by first processing the wood with a natural oil (linseed oil), and then applying an organic coating based on a non-hazardous and naturally occurring fungus. As a result, native, less durable wood species can still be protected long term. After the expiry of the technical service life of the wood, the timber can be completely returned to the natural biological cycle.

Xyhlo biofinish therefore does not need to be burned, meaning it adds no (extra)  life cycle carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Xhylo biofinish is thus C02 and climate neutral.

Xyhlo biofinish forms a live black protective layer that is able to repair itself when damaged, for example by cracking or splitting, but also to damage from the outside. Xyhlo biofinish is in the first years of use even better, in contrast to conventional coatings, which degrade and always have to be renewed in the course of time.

The principle of operation of the protective organic coating is based on the presence of active fungal cells and chlamydospores which adhere by biopolymers to the wood. Xyhlo biofinish not only protects against climatic conditions, but also to degradation by UV radiation and other fungi. It offers great advantages for applications such as cladding, sound screens and gazebos. Not only because of the environmentally friendly method of preservation but also because less maintenance is required.

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