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Strong and lightweight, CON-Pearl is a tri-laminate board consisting of three laminated polypropylene layers, of which the middle layer is thermally formed into a uniquely strong structure.

CON-Pearl is very durable, has multi-directional strength and is manufactured with recycled materials. Additionally, CON-Pearl is corrosion and rot resistant, largely chemical resistant, lightweight and weather resistant. It is available in multiple colours with a standard board size of   90.5” x 63” (2,300mm x 1,600mm).

CON-Pearl is a good alternative to fluted plastic or corrugated cardboard. Because of its stiffness, strength and resistance, it is ideal for application in vehicle component including interior panels, partitions and tire covers as well as in the form of reusable sleeves for returnable packaging, protective dividers for delicate parts and custom cases for electronic equipment and musical instruments. Other applications are advertising and P-O-P display panels, flight cases, partitions and displays.

CON-Pearl is a successful modern plastics processing company within a growing market in which ecology is as important as economy. Their customers are leading automotive manufacturers, distributors and global leaders in their sectors. As a system supplier of quality products and components, they are able working hand in hand with the development departments.

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