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Colourful, stiff, lightweight and non-woven EzoBord is an acoustic panel that is flexible, decorative, tackable, recyclable and easy to install.

Sound dampening applications for EzoBoard include walls and ceilings in theatres/cinemas, gymnasiums, home theatres, recording studios, broadcast studios, class rooms/music rooms, restaurants and night clubs as this material performs well in virtually any space where the quality of acoustics and sound dampening are a concern.

This material’s composition is 100% polyester made from 40-50% recycled water/soda bottles and without the use of adhesives or other bonding agents. The standard thickness is 3/8” (+/- 0.04″), 9mm (+/- 1mm), and the weight of a standard panel of 1219 mm x 2429 mm = 9lbs+/-10%) The density is 12 lb/cu ft and Ezoboard is additionally fire resistant.

EzoBord is available in 15 standard stock colours with custom print colours also available. Being a dynamic recycled product, variation in fiber mix and dye lot can occur. Custom design options include CNC cutting for virtually any shape, three-dimensional molding and printing.

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