Tongkonan Coco Evo Bliss


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Tongkonan coco evo bliss panels are natural, handmade, durable and easy to install to a wide range of flat and curved surfaces. Made from post-consumer coconut waste, these panels offer a 3D effect along with a distinctive natural shape and structure with a warm and cozy exotic look and feel.

To make this material, coconut shells are cut into perfectly measured square pieces, washed with abrasive stones and glued together into larger panels in a tile format (420 mm x 420 mm). The curved texture is made possible by taking pieces of the inside of the coconut shell.

The Tongkonan is available in natural, patina white maroon and gold. The first variant is without further finishing and has a matte, natural greyish look. The patina is painted white and then sanded so that the original natural color is visible. Only water-based lacquers, adhesives and paints are used in the production.

Tongkonan coco tiles can be mounted to a range of flat and curved surfaces like walls, ceilings or furniture. Because of their structure and material composition, it is also important to note that these panels may not be suitable for every application. They are best applied in dry ventilated or humid indoor areas with small temperature fluctuations (less than 12 ⁰C)

These Cocomosaic panels are made in Indonesia. The innovative use of raw materials and waste products has created many jobs in a region that suffers from widespread poverty and um employment. A production of 250 m² of wall panels employs around 40 workers for a month. The factory has received several presidential awards and prizes for their sustainable work in the Indonesian region.

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