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These contemporary and functional design cork rugs are made of a combination of cork and natural fibres such as (recycled) cotton, linen, and wool. Because the rugs are hand-woven with cork, it benefits from the unique characteristics of this raw material, such as:

  • Lightness: Cork is very light because more than 50% of its volume is air
  • Waterproof: The cork is impermeable to liquids and quite resistant to humidity.
  • Elastic and flexible: The cork is extremely flexible and after being compressed it recovers its initial shape.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation: Having the ability to absorb decibels, cork is an excellent insulator of sounds and vibrations. Also its structure allows to absorb heat and to conserve it for a long time.
  • Slow combustion: Cork does not make a flame and its slow combustion makes it a natural fire retardant and a kind of barrier against fires.
  • Minimises risks of allergy: The cork does not absorb the dust and repels the appearance of mites, contributing to the minimisation of allergy risks.
  • Soft to the touch: Cork is a soft product to the touch, with a very characteristic, non-intrusive, slightly sweet odour. With a natural temperature very close to that of the human body, it conveys a sense of comfort difficult to replicate with any other material.

Cork has been increasingly sought after in the area of ​​interior design because it is a versatile raw material, with unique characteristics, with numerous recognised environmental benefits. The production of cork does not destroy trees. After dehulling, the cork tree performs a self-regeneration process that has never been seen in any other forest species.

The rugs come in a variety of colours and with various patterns. The sizes can be custom ordered, with a max width of 200 cm. The trimming of the rugs can be sewed or with fringes.

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