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Biogranulates are a resistant, 100% natural decorative outdoor floor coating, without additives of any kind, based on the polished fragments of hulls of peach and apricot kernels from the agri-food industry of the Rhône Valley. It can be used for for private (home yards and terraces, driveways, etc.) or public places (municipal gardens, drives and parks, squares, kindergarten playgrounds, car parks, roundabouts, etc). The material can also be used as long-standing mulch. It has much less of an environmental footprint than mineral gravel, as it does not come from quarries, but rather from a natural waste product.

The material does not release any dust, resists wind and runoff, is easy to implement and maintain, and provides an excellent thermal buffer. The ground does not require any preparation beforehand and can be installed even in wet weather.

The material tends to darken slightly with the years. Its life-expectancy is about fifteen years. With the gradual disintegration of fragments into smaller and smaller pieces, the initial layer of 3 cm tends very slowly to decrease in thickness. As the disintegration is proportional to the circulation on the gravelled area, the reloading of a half-layer is recommended every 6 to 10 years, depending on the intensity of circulation on the area considered

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