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Crispy is a collection of serving bowls crafted entirely from deconstructed post-consumer crisp packaging. By transforming non-recyclable crisp packets into serving bowls that hold crisps once again, Crispy showcases the potential of recycling complex plastics and circular design.

Due to the high salt and oil content in crisps, the crisp packaging requires a high-tech multilayered polymer structure that is difficult to recycle and is not currently accepted in home recycling. Instead, this type of packaging is often incinerated, landfilled, or littered. In today’s conscientious era, where the push is to minimise single-use plastics or increase recycling, this particular type of packaging tends to be overlooked or its underlying issues remain largely unnoticed.

Crispy addresses these challenges by salvaging difficult-to-recycle plastic packaging and recycling each material separately. Through a specialised separation process, each crisp packet is delaminated into four distinct materials: two PP films, a metallic PET film, and ink. The delamination process ensures that all the plastics used in the packaging retain their quality and therefore can continue to be recycled. This transformation not only prevents these packets from becoming environmental hazards but also demonstrates the potential for recycling this type of unreclaimed plastic.

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