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At SymbioMatter, they prioritize repurposing residual streams to create highly valued materials, exemplified by the foam derived from a waste stream at a legumes factory. In contrast to conventional plastic foams, the soft foam is entirely plant-based and biodegradable, symbolizing the dedication to aligning material lifespan with actual usage for a more symbiotic and environmentally conscious future.

Distinguished by its soft, flexible, and lightweight nature, the SymbioMatter foam also possesses movement dampening and isolating properties, along with conductivity, making it an optimal choice for packaging electronic components.

Through the advanced biotechnology process, SymbioMatter can meet growing demand with industrial-scale production. The foam undergoes meticulous crafting in bespoke moulds, ensuring unwavering quality. Tailoring the products to your preferences, the company offers customization options such as thickness, flexibility, colour, and finishing.

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