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Cyclin® sound panels are 100% circular and based on cellulose fibres derived from paper waste streams. These soft panels have excellent acoustic properties, making them ideal for sound absorption or sound insulation. Additionally, they serve well as thermal insulation material. The cellulose material possesses the ability to absorb and release moisture, contributing to an improved humidity balance in a space. In this way, Cyclin® contributes to a comfortable and healthy living environment in terms of sound, temperature, and humidity.

Cyclin® panels are 100% circular. The production process generates no waste, and leftover pieces, including those returned by customers, are recycled to create new panels. Due to significantly lower energy consumption compared to traditional insulation materials, Cyclin® has negligible nitrogen, ammonia, and CO2 emissions. In fact, Cyclin® material sequesters 1 kg of CO2 per kg of material, and the utilization of waste streams as raw materials eliminates the need to cultivate, cut, harvest, or mine new resources. This approach aids customers in achieving the climate goals set for 2030 and 2050.

Cyclin® is committed to sustainability not only through the reuse of materials but also by minimizing its environmental impact. The insulation panels not only contribute to energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint but also actively participate in carbon sequestration. By incorporating customer returns and avoiding the need for new raw materials, Cyclin® aligns with circular economy principles, emphasizing the importance of resource conservation and waste reduction.

The properties of Cyclin® panels, combining acoustic excellence, thermal insulation, and moisture regulation, make them a versatile and environmentally friendly choice for various applications. Whether applied in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, Cyclin® insulation panels support a healthier and more sustainable indoor environment.

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