Hemp & Mycelium Sandwich Panel


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The biobased panel combines durable C-Hemp (industrial hemp wood) skins with a mycelium core, offering sustainable strength and thermal/acoustic insulation for modern building needs.

It is more than just a building material; it’s a testament to the potential of natural resources in transforming the construction industry. It’s suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential homes to commercial buildings, and its versatility makes it ideal for walls, roofs, and flooring. Its nature also simplifies transportation and installation, making construction projects faster, more efficient, and less costly.

Sustainability is at the forefront of C-Biotech’s mission. The panel is carbon negative, hereby significantly reducing a building’s embodied carbon and even being a sink for atmospheric carbon. Furthermore, the panel contributes to a circular economy by being fully reusable into new panels at the end of its life cycle.

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