Daemwool natural wool insulation


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Daemwool is insulation material made from natural wool. Sheep’s wool is an excellent insulation material even when it’s damp, so that sheep keep warm in the rain. Wool also provides protection against overheating, thus cooling rooms in summer. In addition, wool is moisturising, acoustic, fire resistant, self-extinguising, and neutralises harmful gasses and odours.

Daemwool is available as blanket with thicknesses up to 140 mm, and can easily be torn in the right size without the need for tools. It can be used to insulate roofs, ceilings, etc..

Sheep’s wool consists of keratin, a tough, insoluble protein which is resistant microbial break-down. The wool is washed with soda and soap and pressed to remove dirt and odour. After that, the wool is treated with an ecological agent (Thorlan IW) to protect it against rodents and insects. It does not contain any chemical binding agents, fire-retardants or other additions.

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