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Decallisation is a unique method of applying motifs and illustrations to materials such as metal, heat-resistant plastic, ceramics, MDF and glass. Examples of possible motifs include wood, marble, granite and fantasy designs on sheets, profiles and objects. Possible sources of illustrations include photos, transparencies, scans and graphics files. The first step in the decallisation process is to apply a layer of polyurethane powder or dilute lacquer to a base material. The next step is the decallisation proper – the degassing of the ink at a temperature of 200 °C -causing the designs or illustrations to be applied to the coating layer by means of an offset film or serigraphic sheet. The design or illustration applied combines with the powder coating to form a solid, resistant and durable layer, protecting and decorating the base material. Decallisation offers a large number of novel possibilities for application in such fields as building, architecture, exteriors, interiors, transport, infrastructure, advertising and marketing. Comparing with other lacquer techniques decallisation is UV resistant, scratch resistant and graffiti resistant.

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