Stainless Steel Structures


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Stainless steel structures allow buildings to be covered with a double skin or second layer which will appear transparent or opaque according to the intensity of the light, the viewing angle and the position of the observer. Wires are chosen to suit the material effect required. The nature of the slot openings between the wires affects the impact of the facing and the impression created. The aperture size can vary between 2.5mm (50% open area) to 50mm to provide the transparency the construction requires. It is also possible to vary the aperture size within a single panel to create an impression of perspective.

Grids can be flat or curved (in two dimensions) in the direction of the wire or the rod, and may be fixed in different ways to suit the substructure, e.g. by means of framing drilled for bolting, fixing plates, lugs, spigots or tenons. The most common finish is natural (satin). Resistance to corrosion is ensured by pickling and passivation.

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