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Paint allowing magnets to stick to walls.
This paint is used to transform an existing wall into a magnetic receptive surface. The paint is made magnetic receptive by a proprietary process which mixes very fine non-rusting iron particles with water-based latex paint. Each coat of magnetic paint builds up a thicker layer of iron particles, strengthening the magnetic receptivity. MagnetPaint can be given a top coat in any kind of paint, in any colour. MagnetPaint can easily be applied using a foam roller or foam brush (use of a foam brush will yield a smoother surface) and can be cleaned up with water. MagnetPaint is a pre-mixed, lead-free, water based latex primer and is available in 0.5l, 1l and 2.5l containers and in bulk.
A wall painted with MagnetPaint will look like an ordinary wall, but will have the advantage that magnets will stick to it. Typical applications can be found in the home and in commercial, industrial, residential, educational and medical facilities. The system is optimised for two to three coats of MagnetPaint covered by two finish coats. Clean-up can easily be carried out with a damp cloth and water.

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