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The DendroLight furniture panel is a new type of panel that is specifically designed for table production. A solid wood reinforced core material, made of Nordic timber, is used to ensure better load bearing properties. The particular fabrication used by the producer allows creating more than 2 m long spans without having supporting frame under the table and ease of use of almost any type of commonly used dynamic or static fittings.

The core material is reinforced with solid wood ribs and sandwiched between two MDF or plywood faces. The result is a lightweight material with a free span, without any reinforcing substructures. This also increases bending strength & stiffness. The DendroLight material gives designers the possibility to create any necessary form. Any required mechanisms or dynamic fittings can be easily mounted under the table board. Table tops designed with DendroLight are constructed in way that increases vibration damping, compression strength and stiffness characteristics.

All DendroLight products have the FSC certificate.

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