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This material is no longer available.

Hulshof Royal Dutch Tanneries is recognised as the world’s greenest tannery.

The company is releasing a leather for lovers of fine, rich and smooth natural leather. It’s called the Old Saddle collection. The leather is made from the best quality and freshest South-German bull hides. It is a pure aniline leather, which is chrome tanned and vegetable re-tanned. A special hand-rubbed finish reproduces the unique antique, rich, smooth, lustrous finish of the past. This makes the material suitable for high-end leather goods and furniture.

The leather is a natural product. It breathes and is naturally warm, with characteristics that confirm the charm and beauty of the leather. The leather has a slightly rough, natural grain breakage. The special wax makes it water- and oil resistant, though not scratch resistant.

Using the technology of a vegetable tanning process, the manufacturers have been able to recreate the characteristics of fine antique leathers, without the original limitations. The Old Saddle line combines high-quality leather, vegetable dyes and a special hand-rubbed finish, which is skilfully applied to reproduce the smooth and lustrous finish with contemporary performance.

As the leather is a natural product, scarring and blemishes are visible. Neck wrinkles, growth stripes, scratches, insect bites and different grain structures are visible guarantees of the authenticity of the material. Thanks to these characteristics dyes can penetrate into the skin in varying degrees, which results in the many colour variations in this luxurious leather.

The Old Saddle line is available on stock from a half-hide size onwards, and is produced in 18 different colours. Thicknesses are standardised at approx 1,0 mm, and customisation is available from 200 m2.

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