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Alpilignum – Design Collection


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The Design Collection by Alpilignum is a series of reconstituted wood for decorative surfaces. Starting from poplar, basswood and ayous trees (from forests managed with FSC certificate), Alpilignum recreates types of rare woods and fanciful patterns.

During production, low formaldehyde emission glue is used, in order to respect the strictest parameters (European standard E1). After the log peeling process, the wood is dyed and the specific composition of the layers creates pattern that are engineered in a laboratory setting. The layers, glued and pressed, are then sliced to produce the final multi-laminar wood, with the configuration desired.

The Design Collection is a set of components that require further manufacturing and processing before use as a finished product. These veneers are suitable for interior applications. Examples are furniture, doors, floors, car and yacht interiors.

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