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DIGGELS® is a collection of high-quality materials based on debris flows and local renewable raw materials. The materials are suitable for all kinds of interior applications such as worktops, counter tops, tables, counters, window sills and wall panels.

With DIGGELS® it is possible to give a second life to the masonry that is released during the demolition of homes or farms. The released masonry is broken into masonry granules and processed into new products. This way, it is possible to return part of a demolished house to the new construction, for example as a worktop, cooking island or window sills. In addition to recycled brickwork, DIGGELS® also uses recycled clean residual bricks and old roof tiles, recycled glass, recycled concrete, old clinker tiles, and local shells.

DIGGELS® is 100% circular. It consists of 60 to 75% recycled raw materials and can be fully recycled after its lifespan.

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