Lana wool mycelium composite


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The Lana project is an innovative exploration into the potential uses of pre-consumer wool waste, for the creation of mycelium-based composites intended for architectural applications.

In recent decades, mountain sheep wool has lost its value in Europe, leading to large accumulations of wool in regions like South Tyrol. This surplus poses a challenge for farmers, as it is both hazardous and expensive to dispose of.

The project aims to address this issue by repurposing pre-consumer wool waste through a bio-assembly process with mycelium-based composites.

The material research conducted as part of the Lana project includes the development of material prototypes, an experimental material-technology setup, and application demonstrators. These components showcase the potential applications of mycelium-based composites in the field of architecture. Additionally, the Lana project emphasizes the establishment of a synergies framework between local suppliers, connected to the manufacture of the proposed composite material. This framework is designed to promote a safe and efficient circular use of local resources, creating a model that not only addresses the issue of waste but also contributes positively to the local economy and environment.

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