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Digital Dawn

United Kingdom

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- story by MaterialDistrict

Based in London Rachel Wingfield and Mathias Gmachl set up Loop.pH to create and develop new and reactive surfaces and structures and have worked on architectural and fashion commissions to product design. They conduct an extensive range of research activities and collaborate with industry and multi-disciplinary groups.
Digital Dawn is their reactive window blind with a surface that is in constant flux, growing in luminosity in response to its surroundings. It digitally emulates the process of photosynthesis using printed electroluminescent technology. the darker a space becomes the brighter the blind will glow maintaining a balance in luminosity. A natural, botanical environment appears to grow and evolve on the window lamp.
Light sensors monitor the changing light levels of the space triggering the growth of the foliage on the blind. The piece explores how changing light levels within a space can have a profound and physiological impact on our sense of well being. It also explores the ability and potential of fabric to flirt on the boundary of physical and virtual spaces as it plays with the ethereal quality of light in a continuous dialogue with its environment.
Solar powered textile
Digital Dawn was conceived to mimic the ability of plants to photosynthesize, utilizing the natural energy of the sun in the day and storing electricity that will be used later to illuminate the blind.

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