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Alicrite String


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Alicrite is an Italian trade mark in cladding for vertical surfaces. Surfaces from Alicrite are modern or retro: from the decorative motifs of the twenties, via the fine expression of the sixties towards the psychedelic look of the seventies, achieved by the possibility of retro illumination.

With Alicrite, an uniqueness on acrylic base is achieved. The very wide choice of colours is based on the concept of Pantone. Alicrite String is one example of the wide collection of sheets offering numerous decorative effects of fluidity, with its relevant characteristics as an one-of-a-kind and irreproducibility.

The work cycle is started with the initial stage where the acrylic, brought to different temperatures to obtain a chemical polymerisation process, then passes to the colouring stage where, according to the effect desired, the different graphics which characterize the Alicrite panels are realized.

Alicrite has also been known before as Versato.

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