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These mirror-effect metallic surfaces consist out of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resins and decorative aluminium foil, pressed at 9 MPa at 150 degrees Celsius. This High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is part of the DigitalPrint range by Abet Laminati. The decorative component is a thin metal sheet (generally aluminium). On the basis of the parameters defined in the EN 438 standard, the definition of PRINT HPL assumes, as a matter of fact, that the laminate consists of “layers of fibrous materials (e.g. paper)”.

For the purpose of fire certification, however, the above mentioned distinction is not decisive, because the decorative component does not affect the results of the response to fire test. With regard to response to fire, therefore, the Serie Metalli range is comparable in all aspects with other products of the ABET range. Due to its high density structure the HPL does not burn easily and has flame spreading retardant properties.

The material is mostly suited for interior purposes, but a laminate with a protective coating particularly resistant to moisture, frost, hail stones, light, UV rays, acid rain and termites is available.

The printing technique offers several advantages:

  • simple process;
  • no minimum quantities required;
  • any decor or optical effect can be created on flat or curved surfaces, the sizes of which are only limited by the supporting structure;
  • good colour quality: the image that is obtained is practically identical to that requested;
  • reduced production times;
  • the printing technique can be used on a variety of product types and finishes, without altering technical characteristics.
  • images can be designed by the client and uploaded through the internet.

Some examples of applications:

  • large panelled surfaces in building industry
  • large decorative surfaces
  • public and commercial areas
  • furnishings
  • decorating means of transport
  • trade-fair fixtures
  • signs and message boards

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