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This material is no longer available.

Geofil-Bubbles is a product for the building market. At this moment it consists out of unused 80% waste, which comes from

  • glass based packaging
  • wastes from light tube production
  • used light sources, infusion bottles and ampoules
  • flat glass and glass wool originating from demolished buildings
  • automobile windshields
  • mud from glass griding

Waste from silicate based metallurgical molding forms is produced into foam gravel with heat and sound insulation features, then it is embedded into various adhesive materials, such as concrete, and used as construction material.It actually improves the properties of concrete. After use it can be used again in other structures.

The Geofil-Bubbles are highly fire-resistant, light weight, sound-deadening and have good heat insulating properties and are pressure resistant. Besides being an additive for concrete, the bubbles can also be used for insulation in hollow wall, foundations, etc.

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