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Veneer, moulded / rotary cut


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The bulk of Hess peeled veneer orginates from FSC or PEFC certified forests.
Moulding, pressing and 5+6-axes CNC technology make it possible to manufacture complex shapes.

Rotary cut veneer

Since 1972, Hess & Co AG has been manufacturing ski woodcores out of rotary cut veneers. The technical design of the cores differs with regards to veneer type and thickness as well as veneer structure, with the grain directions basically parallel.

Nowadays, ski and snowboard woodcores are delivered to the manufacturers as a semi-finished product shaped via state-of-the-art CNC technology and ready for use. In the past few years, the trend for more lightweight woodcores in snowboard manufacturing has necessitated the set-up of an additional solid wood production line. The Hess woodcore gives skis and snowboards the required elasticity. As compared to plastics, wood retains most of its technical properties even under great temperature fluctuations.

Virtually every racing ski has a wooden core. Of the annually produced skis approximately 2 mil. pairs contain a wooden core and approximately 1.2 mil. snowboards.

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