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Ditra 25


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This material, by Schlüter, is a polyethylene sheet with a grid structure of square cavities. Each square is recessed in a slight dovetail configuration. The rib height is approximately 3 mm. The material is intended as a substrate for interior and exterior applications. As an underlayment, it is used for problematic substrates, from green concrete, metals and plywood flooring.

The material, the DITRA 25, is also usable as a load-bearing and load-distribution material. It is vapour and waterproof and can be used as a water barrier. The material has a thin layer of anchoring fleece laminated on its underside. This means that the substrate can easily be removed when this becomes necessary. One advantage of this is that the material allows buildings and interiors to be taken apart with ease and with minimal waste.

Other interesting qualities include being partly translucent and being stiffer rolling inwards than outwards. The material is therefore suited for use in various surfacing applications too. The polymer has some chemical resistance, allowing it to be used in industrial kitchens too.

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