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Aroma granule Aqualite Ink (AQ Ink) is a water-based slurry containing aromatic fragrances. various kinds of natural perfumes are stably incorporated, such as lemon, forest and eucalyptus. The aromas are compounded for stability and concentration through an original and proprietary micro-encapsulating technology.

The Aqualite Ink is Matsui’s own microencapsulated scented ink. The coating is mostly used for screen printing and dye applications onto textile fabrics, but it can also be screened onto paper and film substrates. The manufacturer’s micro-encapsulation process allows for long stability which remain after multiple washings. Key traits are the long-lasting and highly stable aroma in 20 fragrances. The coating is suited for textile or paper applications, not recommended for exterior usage.

The ink comes as a milky-white paste of microcapsules in water or thickener. Its density is similar to that of water, and it contains 50% solids by content. It is non-flammable. If required, Xylene, and aromatic hydrocarbon, can be added to prevent material shedding.

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