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Dot concrete


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This Polymer concrete is a mixture of 90% natural stone and 10 % polyester resin. The light will be transmitted by clear synthetic tubes from the both surfaces of the element. The maximum size of these elements is 1200 x 600 mm. The thickness is 35 mm. An element with these dimensions will weight around 60 kg. Both surfaces are polished. The natural stone that is used for these mortar is available in black or white. However all colours are available for pigmenting the resin. Polymer concrete can be used as cladding for exterior walls or as interior panels.

Dot concrete is a new polymer concrete material that designer Shanna Deurloo developed. This product can be used as separation wall with the advantage of seeing movements behind the open structure, but still having privacy. The technology she developed incorporates acrylic rods of various thicknesses set in concrete to create this translucent panel. These rods can be arranged in a variety of patterns in order to make each panel unique.

Production is momentarily only for the Dutch market. Sample requests only when directly related to projects.

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