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StoDeco (formerly Verofill) is madeof the lightweight granulate Verolith, made from volcanic stone perlith, mixed with special binders. It is compact as stone, completely homogeneous, yet it weighs very little (550 kg/m3). The base material is normally supplied as profiles and three-dimensional elements.

The material is easily worked into profiles, but can also be used in panels. StoDeco adheres well and forms a particularly durable bond with the renders and paints from Sto. This enables the elements to be quickly finished. The surface is equally suitable for smooth decorative plaster finishes and rough-grain textures and sandstone finish.

The natural look can also be applied unfinished in interiors. It is not suitable for exterior applications without further finishing because of the moisture-sensitive additives. Its light weight makes it particularly applicable for stand construction and flexible interiors.

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