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Good design concepts combine great aesthetics and strong functionality. Therefore, Sto offers appealing innovative hard claddings on external wall insulation systems. Both the StoBrick program and Sto-Ecoshapes offer architects the possibility to design individual hard façade cladding materials. Both product lines have strong customisable features.

A special level of customisation is offered by Sto-Ecoshapes. This versatile façade finish allows architects to influence different phases in the production process for elements like form, size, colour, texture, add-ons, patterns and joints. Unlimited colour variations are possible by editing the pigments of the base material in the beginning of the production process, by the inclusion of add-ons in the shaping process or by colour details afterwards. This material consists of prefab render elements: the natural ingredient sand gives the material a rough and grained appearance.

Sto-Ecoshapes is one of the most sustainable façade cladding materials in Sto’s collection. The production process uses very little energy resulting in 3 times less CO2 emmissions opposed to traditional façades. Sto-Ecoshapes: new possibilities for the individual design of façades.

• Extreme customisable features: form, shape, pattern, colours, texture and add-ons (> 300m2)
• Based on a natural resource: sand
• Rough and stony appearance
• Possibility to follow the curves of the façade with rounded edges and organic shapes
• Dried on 60°C, so 5 times less CO2 emmission and 3 times less energy needed for production (compared to  traditional produced ceramic bricks)

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