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- story by MaterialDistrict

Arstyl wall tiles are made of high-density, yellow, rigid polyurethane foam. The density is ± 300 kg/m3, the panel is finished with a matt white acrylic primer to be painted. The manufacturing technique guarantees a hard and smooth surface and the exact reproduction of the motif. The dimensions of the panels are: Coral Ø 380 mm (tolerance ± 5 mm); WING: 250 mm x 175 mm (tolerance ± 5 mm); RAY: 550 mm x 320 mm (tolerance ± 5 mm).

New 3D designs have been developed by Michaël Bihain, who has already been responsible for designing four of the first six attractive panels. Every interior can be given its own unique signature. The feature colours available are what make the pattern stand out. Whether on a small decorative object or right across a whole wall, there is virtually no limit to the applications and the possibilities for creative, individualistic wall decoration. The panels can be used on walls or ceilings alike.


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