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- story by MaterialDistrict

This material is no longer available.

The designers of Melt to Wealth have explored different ways to develop discarded clothing into a new textile. The result is an entirely new non-woven fabric of improved quality. This is done by grinding old clothes into small pieces, mixing them and an pressing them into new pieces of cloth.

It all started with the irritation about many components in the textile industry, for example the mass production of clothing. Every season, we want to wear something else, and then we just throw half our clothes out the door. Aside from that, each year, 1.2 million pieces of clothing are sold and discarded. Many of the pieces in used clothes stores here are damaged or very corny, and often, when you do find something you like, it can be very expensive, because it is labeled in the spirit of the wildly popular hype ‘vintage’.

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