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Wood, cork & Perspex

United Kingdom
Theo Riviere

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- story by MaterialDistrict

Designer Theo Riviere has taken on a new art form, working with materials like cork, plywood, and Perspex, to make these ornamental wooden objects and panels. With diverse silhouettes, each sculpture takes on an architectural form that’s further enhanced with the combination of materials. By laminating and layering the materials, contemporary patterns form after using the lathe on each object. It is all about how materials work together, exploring the relationship and juxtaposition between the texture and finish of architectural material compositions.

This project showcases an interior concept; you could have a wooden wall piece and objects alongside a patterned concrete floor/worktop with a printed fabric, and all of these would sit intuitively together, with a colour scheme running across all the materials. This could be for everyday retail or domestic spaces.

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