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WINCOS Vision Control Film


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WINCOS Vision Control Film is a revolutionary window film, providing you with a whole new way of controlling the view from a window. As you change your viewing angle, the glass changes its appearance from clear to frosted, without requiring any electricity or other appliances. This film can be retrofitted to the interior side of any flat glass. It is available in 4 different types and the effect of the film works on both sides of the glass.

These 4 different types of film can be applied both vertically and horizontally, creating a great range of applications this film can be used for.

Firstly, WINCOS Vision Control Film can be used to adaptably provide privacy or security without compromising the view, giving you control of what can be seen from which angle. There are buildings such as hotels or offices where people deal with sensitive information and there is a need for security against prying eyes. Often when buildings are built closely together, one does not want the neighbors to be able to look straight inside, but still nobody likes to block their own view either. Thanks to Vision Control Film’s clever directional effect, your privacy can be protected from any angle. Also, with buildings becoming higher and higher, this film can protect those suffering from a fear of heights or vertigo and still provide a great view.

In addition, it can be used to create a novel effect. For instance, it can create the illusion that objects appear and disappear as people walk by, or make spectators take another look to see what is ‘hidden’ behind the glass.

WINCOS Vision Control Film is equipped with a hard-coated film surface for improved scratch-resistance and the glass is protected against shattering if broken. Approximately 88% of the visible light is transmitted by the film, regardless of whether it is clear or frosted, so the light within the building is not compromised. At the same time, damaging UV light transmission is significantly cut, protecting residents and furnishing. The clear parts of the film are made as transparent as possible; when applied it looks as if there is no film on the glass at all.

The product is available in the measurements 1250 mm x 15 m. It has a directional effect and is a thick film. The thickness of the film, including adhesive is approximately 315 microns for X and Y, and 480 microns for W and Z. The installation method therefore differs from that of a regular window film. Lintec recommends that the installation is carried out by highly skilled professional window film installers only.

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