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Good design concepts combine great aesthetics and strong functionality. Therefore, Sto offers appealing innovative hard claddings on external wall insulation systems. Both the StoBrick program and Sto-Ecoshapes offer architects the possibility to design individual hard façade cladding materials. Both product lines have strong customisable features.

New in the Sto assortment is the StoBrick and StoBrick Specials, which offers special design possibilities with ceramic brick slips. Ceramic brick slips do not need to have the same visual properties as exposed brickwork: ceramic brick slips allow freedom in pattern, line and format. Aside from the standard collection (including six themes with each having their own identity and expression), Sto offers architectural firings in unusual formats and patterns. “Made in Dillenburg” by their partner Ströher: special firings, 3D geometries, exclusive sizes and even digital printed bricks are achievable. Endless design possibilities allow a perfect combination between high-end ceramic surfaces and excellent thermal insulation capacities.

  • Strong customisable features: 3D geometries, digital printing, special firings and glazings (>1000 m2)
  • Deviant sizes, long formats (up to 490 mm) and corner solutions included
  • Very dark, non reflective colours are possible
  • Based on natural resource: high quality Westerwalder clay
  • Process is based on extrusion.

Zero waste. Strong reduction of left-over materials: if there is any, it will be reused.

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