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PyraSied is specialised in plastics that make light diffuse. The diffuser materials offer an optimum balance between high light transmission and excellent dispersion of light – without the light’s becoming distractingly visible. The quality of the plastic diffusers is exceptional because of the use of nanotechnologies, precision processing and the very best additives and raw materials. These pure nano-additives are crucial to the optimum balance between light transmission and diffusion. With the diffusers, you get minimum light loss, maximum bespoke diffusion and colour purity.

Wide assortment
Since there are so many different applications and so many different light sources with a very diverse range of light spectra, angles of egress and temperatures, Pyrasied has put together a broad range of diffusers with disparate characteristics and properties. Nearly every application comes with its own requirements and Pyrasied offers you the desired flexibility.

Different material properties
The diffuser collections consist of various materials, namely acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG. These plastics have considerably differing proper-ties, so that you can always satisfy the requirements demanded by a given application. The diffusers are kept in inventory in various thicknesses, light transmissions, diffusion factors, shapes and surface types.

PyraSied has light diffusing sheets, tubes and rods on stock for you.

Quality and research
Pyrasied has its own technical light laboratory and test environments. They use these to inspect the quality of the diffusers (light colour, diffusion and transmission) in each batch or series of production.

Brochure Select the perfect light diffuser
If you want to read more about light diffusers, please download the brochure ‘Select the perfect light diffuser’. This documentation provides a complete overview of the entire assortment of diffusers. Pyrasied has worked on this enthusiastically for seven years. You’ll find all the information you need about light diffusers, photometric properties, decision trees and practical examples.

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