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This material is no longer available.

This wall plastering material is coloured by wood dust. In this world, dozens species of wood exists. All with their own quality, looks, and colour. The dust of this wood contains pigments that can be used to make a mixture of wood and plaster. The intensity of the colour is connected to the percentage of wood in the mixture. Different wood species show different colours. This results in a colour range of more than fifty colours. The material can be used to plaster walls and create a natural colour pallet inside.

Lisa Bo loves to tell stories and strongly thinks in order to make a difference, we need to listen to needs. Personal or collective needs. The needs from persons or the need of nature. With the power of ideas, concepts and materials, we can shape our surroundings. With simplicity that is defined by the story, materiality or shape, she dives into researches and creates concepts or products that embrace our lives, give thought or engage our senses.

During her education at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Lisa learned to find relevance in our nowadays society. Collaborations with the Dutch Public Ministery and Philips thought her to connect to the real with keeping imagination. As a designer, she developed interests in our health and our senses and how these two things determine our environment. She feels that in our lives nowadays, we lost our connection. Doing too many things in too little time, neglecting moments of care or wonder. She believes in the strength of giving attention. To care for our surroundings, environment, one other and of course for ourselves. To always approach with thought and handle with care.

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